David Brake: Public Transit & Electric Vehicles

We hear from David Brake about how public transit can help mitigate climate change and how it can be improved in Newfoundland and Labrador. Transportation is a significant sources of emissions in our province; it accounts for 34% of our emissions (second only to “large industry”) and we saw an increase in households’ transportation emissions of 40.9% (2009 to 2016). By transporting more people in fewer vehicles emissions can be reduced and public transport also has a lot of other social benefits.

We also talk about electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are already able to operate in Canadian winters and are increasing in range; we delve into the need for charging infrastructure in NL, measures to reduce upfront cost, and the impact rate changes might have on charging costs.

Natural resources Canada is currently taking funding applications from institutions, municipalities, organizations, and companies interested in installing electric vehicle charging stations – if you’re interested in applying more information can be found here. The Federal Government is also proposing measures to reduce the upfront cost of these vehicles for consumers.

Finally, we discuss the province’s new climate change action plan, The Way Forward on Climate Change in Newfoundland and Labrador (PDF).

David’s take on what you can do: Support politicians trying to address climate change and help provide them with the information they need. Tell other people about the efforts you are making to tackle climate change as well. Work together.


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