Delia Warren: From Petroleum Engineer to Green Champion

Delia Warren is a former petroleum engineer, born and raised in Newfoundland and Labrador, who has taken it upon herself to help grow the green economy here. She works with the organization Iron and Earth, which was started by oil sands workers, to help promote renewable energy projects and train workers who are transitioning from oil and gas to renewables.

Iron and Earth’s NL-chapter, Iron and Earth East, has a new green house and has been running a solar training program for workers.

Don’t think solar can work in our province? You’re going to be surprised by what Delia has to say.

We discuss the legislative barriers holding back renewable energy development in NL, something we first talked about with Nick Mercer in episode one. We also talk about how renewable energy can help support agriculture in NL. Agriculture has a key role to play in climate solutions as we learned from Katie Temple in episode two.

Delia’s take on what you can do: Contact Iron and Earth East and volunteer or set up a chapter of Iron and Earth in your province. Making a difference, and working together, is the best way to tackle climate change; talk to your politicians and make renewable energy a political priority in NL.

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